Our Mission, Your Vision

Services We Offer

At Fiori Design, we aspire to create a space that defines you.

Each custom home and addition is as unique as the person it’s made for.

“One of the great beauties of architecture is that each time it’s like starting all over again.”

– Renzo Piano

Setting New Standards in Residential Design and Architecture

Fiori Design is a leading, full-service residential design and architectural firm that creates timeless designs catered to your vision.

Services We Offer

Custom Homes

Create a home that not only reflects your identity, but is tailored to your lifestyle for today and will evolve for your needs and desirefor the future. 

Multi-Unit Residential

Complete design services from preliminary design, site plan approval to a full set of working drawings for multiple townhouse units and blocks, semi-detached homes, duplexes and more. 

Renovations, Additions and Facade Upgrades

Give your existing home the upgrades to suit your personality and style. Rejuvenate the exterior, expand your space, or personalize a newly purchased home.

3D Renderings and Virtual Reality Tours

Experience your home before construction begins. Review sizing, layout, flow and finishes of your proposed home plans with advanced 3D photorealistic images and Virtual Reality walk-throughs.


Our cottage designs enhance the experience of their unique landscape, creating the perfect retreat for you and your family. Find your perfect lot and meet with us to discuss ideas and possibilities to bring your vision to life. 


We provide homebuilders with custom-tailored designs catered to their style, brand, and high-quality working drawings. We also offer full marketing from logo and website design to full 3D renderings and virtual reality walk-throughs of all models.

Let Us Bring Your Vision to Life

No matter how large or small, intricate or simple, we listen to your needs to design a project that reflects your lifestyle for not only today, but for years to come.

How it Works – Custom Homes and Additions

Initial Meeting

Our thorough approach to architectural design relies on communication between us and our clients. Every client relationship is unique and therefore every design is layered with elements tailored to your individuality.

The process is as personal as the design and taking the time to learn as much as we can about our clients and establishing the parameters of the project in detail is crucial to the success of the design.

We start this by sending you a detailed questionnaire prior to our first meeting. This assists you in determining your style, your needs and wishes. Utilizing a variety of platforms like Houzz and Pinterest, we collect your image library to communicate your inspirations to our team.

Site Review

Following our initial meeting, to discuss the parameters of your project, we assess the proposed site and establish a building envelope.

Every property has its own unique characteristics, qualities and zoning requirements. It is important to walk the site and understand how these elements will affect or enhance the project.

The final connection in every successful design is a seamless flow between the environment, the house and the people who use it.

Preliminary Design Development

During this phase we integrate all the information that has been collected and use it to design floor plans and exterior elevations.

Our advanced design tools enable us to effectively communicate and deliver our proposal. We collaborate with you throughout the entire design process, so you can make informed decisions, and ultimately have a clear understanding of what the final design and flow of the building will be. We also offer additional services such as 3D renderings and Virtual Reality walkthroughs for an even more enhanced visual experience.

We work together with you to incorporate any and all of changes and revisions that are requested. Once these changes have been incorporated, they are prepared for final review. Upon approval, we begin the next phase.

Construction Documents

The structural blueprint begins at this stage, and is the first step in bringing your project to fruition.

Our working drawings use a high level of detail to provide a smooth and easy building permit approval process. We collaborate with exceptional industry professionals that take pride in their craft, so that we are continually able to execute this challenge time and time again. These include engineers, truss designers, surveyors, interior designers, landscape architects and more.

All projects will require a building permit application with its local jurisdiction. Some projects may require further applications to deal with city requirements from planning, zoning and building departments. These applications vary from city to city and are site and project specific.

Construction Administration (optional additional service)

Once construction begins on a project, we will perform regular site visits in order to evaluate the progress and quality of construction. We can also help to answer any questions that arise to ensure that the project is being built as per the plans and in a timely manner.

Administration of the construction also includes the reviewing of contractor’s submittals including shop drawings and responding to requests for information.

All tasks are performed with experience and efficiency leading to the completion of an exceptional home.